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Data Management

Companies are accustomed to tracking the value of their assets:  investments in equipment, property, patents and processes.  But managers often don’t realize that one of the most valuable assets for executing strategy lies in data.  In the data about customers, products, markets, and competitors lies the key to competitive advantage and operational efficiency.  Mining and analyzing that data allows us to measure how actual performance stacks up against strategy.  It tells where to go, where not to go, and validates (or invalidates) that “gut feel” that so many managers rely on.  Fact-based decision making only comes from one source - accurate data.

Rocky Mountain Consulting shows you how to extract value from data.  Focusing on data warehousing, business intelligence, metadata management, and effective analytic programs, our associates include industry experts, business managers, and IT professionals who will implement strategies and practical experience for unlocking your data.  From ETL tools to data architecture, from reporting tools to analytic frameworks, Rocky Mountain Consulting is the premier coaching asset for companies who want to be data-driven organizations.