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News Release - Announcing a Business Strategy Consulting Service

San Francisco, Calif - January 1, 2010: Rocky Mountain Consulting, llc, has launched a new consulting practice, serving a broad spectrum of business needs for companies located throughout the U.S.  The practice represents a major evolution in value-added services, particularly for small- and medium-size companies .

Rocky Mountain Consulting partner, Richard Murphy, commented: "Our new Consulting and Strategic Planning practice will allow us to engage with clients throughout their business lives and for multiple projects, by providing the process strategy that supports transformational business goals, as well as the execution of that strategy.

"We are known for our delivery excellence and this provides a solid platform from which to build our consulting arm," Murphy added.

Traditionally, companies have engaged consulting firms only for short-term project implementation. The new practice formalizes the company's objective of assisting clients though first establishing strategic goals, then designing and implementing the projects necessary to meet those objectives.   

Rocky Mountain Consulting, llc, is consciously launching the new practice at a time when the global economy is putting pressure on companies to rein in costs.

Murphy explained: "When times are good, businesses want to focus on growth rather than on transforming underlying processes and strategies. But when the market starts to contract, you can't afford to ignore inefficiencies. You must transform."

The company plans to grow the local consulting team to include senior business architects, change management specialists and program directors, as well as subject matter experts, primarly in the fields of business process re-engineering and accountancy.