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Organizational Management and Financial Planning Articles

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Accounting - Financial Ratios

Accounting - Operating Statement Analysis

Advertising - Promotional Strategy

B2B e-Commerce

Bias in the Workplace

Brand Valuation

Business Law

Capital Structure Management

China - Normal Trade Status

Consumer Surplus

Continuity Management Planning

Creating a Culture Which Fosters the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Data Mining

Dysfunctional Teams


Economic Forecasting - June 2006 

Economic Forecast - Nov 06

Economic Variables

Economics of Pollution & Globalization

Education - The Achievement Gap

Eminent Domain

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Even Swaps - Shouldice Hospital

Disclosure of Classified Information

Estate Inheritance Tax

Finance - depreciation, receivables, inventory

Financial Mgt - Cost of Capital

Human Capital Development

Information Capital


Mergers, Acquisitions and Hostile Takeovers

Organizational Structure

Outsourcing Information Technology Processes

Product Differentiation

Production of Quality Goods

Promotional Strategies


Financial Ratios

Forecasting & Budgeting

Global Strategy of Virgin Group

Leadership & Strategy Alignment

Leadership Attitudes - Authoritarianism

Leadership Styles

Management Theory

Managing Project Teams

Marketing - 4 p's

Marketing - New Product Launch (Smart Watch)

Marketing Finance

Marketing Plan - Quarry

Marketing Strategy for Early Markets - TiVo

Marketing Strategy for Mature Markets

Mission Statement

Operations Management - Dell Computer

Project Crashing

Project Management - Case Study, Bank

Project Mgt - Comparing Value

Project Prioritization Matrix

Quality Needs Assessment

Retail Distribution

Securities - Stock Mkt Cycles


Shareholder Value Maximization

Small Business, Entrepreneurship

Social Security and Unemployment Benefits as Safety Nets

Strategy - Eastman Kodak

Strategy Integration - Vermont Teddy Bear

Supply Chain Strategy - Vertical Integration

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Harley-Davidson

The Project Management Institute (PMI)

Teams - Empowerment

Vertical Relationships