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Strategy Planning  Organizational Change

What has been missing for a long time in businesses large and small is effective planning.  That is, implementing a strategy to ensure that day-to-day business tasks are a combination of projects that will achieve the owners' most desired goals.  Strategies don’t get implemented without changes and changes do not get implemented without projects. Projects do not get implemented if they do not cope with organizational resistance.

We’ve come to realize that all organizational changes are not created equal.  Some strategies will change processes. Others will change the organizational structure.  But some will cut much deeper.  The change projects that cut into the ideation of the company and alter the sense of identity, purpose and long-range intention are the most likely to encounter the greatest resistance.

So, what the organization leaders need to do is evaluate organizational change on a more systemic level and recognize the broad range of investments needed to rebrand, repurpose, and redirect the organization.   This needs to be a conscious process as opposed to what is done today, which is largely a default process where people become alienated and create organizational damage prior to an inevitable employee exit. 

Organizational change is about orchestration.  It cannot be done on a part-time basis nor by edict.